Privacy Policy

Last update of our private policy was February 2022.

Definition of terms in private policy

*Account refers to an account that you have created specifically to allow you to access our Service.

*Company is Pediatric Dentistry Calgary. This Privacy Policy will denote ‘we’, ‘Us’, and ‘our’.

*Country- If you are a Canadian citizen, these Privacy Policies will apply.

*Cookies – These small files are placed on your device by Our Website to display your browsing history on Our Service.

*Data controller – We are the legal entity that determines the purpose and means of processing your personal information.

*Device- Any device that can be used for accessing Our Service.

*Personal Data- Any information that an individual provides to enable them to be identified.

*Service-Our official website, which is

*Service provider – Any third party hired by Us to provide the Service, assist Us in analyzing how to use it best or to perform the service on Our behalf.

*Usage data – This is data automatically collected by Our Service.

*Website-this is pediatricdentistrycalgary which is accessible as

*You – The person accessing Our Service.

Privacy policies regarding the collection and use your private data

Personal data

If you use Our Service, we may ask You to give us personal data to help us identify you. These data may include, but are not limited to, your first and last name as well as your email address, physical address or state, province, postal/zip codes, city, or telephone number.

Usage data

When you use Our Service, Your IP address, browser type and version, time spent browsing on Our Service and time and date of your visit to Our Service are automatically collected.

Privacy policies regarding the Company’s use of personal information

We use your personal data only to:

*Manage the account we create for you

*Provide and maintain our Service.

*To reach you via email, phone, or other social media platforms.

*To give you feedback.

*To improve and assess Our Service.

Our Company may share your personal data under certain circumstances

Before we disclose your personal data to you, We will notify you. Here are some reasons why We might disclose your personal information for your benefit, as well as for the benefit of other Users and the Company.

*Legal and law enforcement requirements

*When protecting and defending rights of Our Company.

*When necessary to protect You, other users and Our Company against legal liability

*In a business transaction where Our Company may merge with another company, or the sale and/or acquisition of an asset.

Assurance about the security of your personal information

While We Us a Company will take all reasonable precautions to protect your personal information, we cannot guarantee 100% security.

Personal data used for minors 16 years and under

Our Service does not collect any personal data from minors under 16 years old.


By changing your preferences, you can prevent our Website from collecting any local information about your device.

Private policies regarding the use of tracking technology

Cookies are used to store and track certain information every time you access our Service. By telling your browser to reject all cookies, you can block the use Cookies in Our Service. This may restrict or completely deny you access to our website.

Other websites may be linked

You should be aware that our Website may contain links to other websites that are not under our jurisdiction. These links could compromise your account’s security. We advise you to avoid clicking on them.

Revisions to our privacy policies

The privacy policy is constantly under revision. Please make it a priority to review it regularly to keep up with any changes. We will notify you by email and/or posting any revisions to our privacy policy on our Service. All changes to Our privacy policies will only be effective if they are posted on our official website.

Get in touch

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*Call us at +1910-626-855255

*Visiting our official Website