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It’s never too early to start taking care of your teeth!

Just like you need to eat healthily and exercise to stay in shape, you also need to take care of your teeth if you want them to last a lifetime.

After all, dental problems are widespread in children, and many parents don’t know how to care for their child’s teeth properly.

And tooth decay is the most common chronic disease among children aged 5-11 years. In fact, over 40% of children have had at least one cavity.

Not only that, but did you know that the average person will spend over $3,600 on their child’s dental care during their lifetime? And that’s not even including braces.

We actively offer preventive dental services for kids at our Calgary dental practice. We gear our practice towards helping children maintain healthy teeth and gums so that they can avoid costly procedures down the road. From routine cleanings and fluoride treatments to sealants and cavity prevention, we can help keep your child’s smile healthy and sparkling.

Why Do Preventive Dental Care?

Your children take an important step in maintaining their oral health by coming to their preventive dental appointments.

Our pediatric dentists are experienced in working with children, and we use gentle techniques and lots of positive reinforcement to make sure they feel comfortable during their visit.

Preventive dental care is essential for several reasons:

It can help prevent cavities, gum disease, and other dental problems.

It can help your child develop healthy oral hygiene habits that will last a lifetime.

It can help your child feel more confident about their smile.

It can find problems when they are small and easy to treat.

It can let us screen for hidden medical conditions like diabetes.

Even more, preventive dentistry has been shown to lower a child’s risk of tooth decay, receding gums, and losing teeth. It also prevents gum disease, tooth sensitivity, and abnormal tooth wear.

Further, poor oral health is thought to contribute to heart disease and diabetes.

In the end, the best tooth is one that never needs to be fixed!

What is Involved In Preventive Dentistry?

You know that preventive dentistry is important, but what does a preventative trip to our pediatric dentists entail?

Well, first, our dentists will perform a comprehensive oral exam on your child to check for any signs of tooth decay, gum disease, or other problems.

If appropriate, we will take x-rays to get a better look at your child’s teeth and jaw. We can then provide spacers if needed to keep the teeth from crowding as they come in. We’ll also look at the mouth to see if thumb-sucking is causing any problems.

We will also professionally clean your child’s teeth and apply fluoride if necessary. Further, we may apply sealants to cover the surfaces of your child’s molars, so they are less likely to develop cavities.

For children at high risk of developing cavities, we can apply a topical decay arresting varnish to their teeth. This will help to strengthen their tooth enamel and protect them from decay.

We will teach your child how to brush and floss properly in an age-appropriate manner. For older children, we can provide counseling on tobacco and nutrition as well as fit athletic mouth guards.

Who Should Get Preventive Dental Care?

We recommend that all children visit our pediatric dentists for preventive dental care at least twice a year.

Your child’s first preventive visit should take place by their first birthday. We are happy to see them even earlier to help you, as the parents, keep your baby’s mouth healthy and get ready for that first tooth.

We then see children every six months to make sure their baby teeth come in and then are lost appropriately – since they are crucial for the spacing of permanent teeth.

Once all the permanent teeth are in, a child can generally get the same preventive care as an adult.

What Preventive Care Can We Do At Home?

Although the two times a year that your child comes in for a preventive dental visit are essential, there are also things they can do at home every day to help keep their teeth healthy.

These include:

Brushing teeth twice daily with fluoride toothpaste and a soft-bristled brush

Flossing daily to get rid of food that is stuck between the teeth

Using mouthwash to remove food after flossing

Eating foods that do not harm the teeth. This means avoiding acidic foods and hard foods like those with bones, seeds, or pits.

Wearing a mouthguard in certain sports or when biking, or if they grind their teeth while sleeping.

Calgary Preventive Dental Care

Do you have a child that needs dental care? Or one that is due for their first dental checkup?

Our pediatric dental practice is the perfect place for your child to start their oral health journey. We provide preventive dental care to help your child maintain healthy teeth and gums for life.

Our services include regular checkups, cleanings, fluoride treatments, and everything else your child needs to have a healthy mouth.

The goal of our dental team is to help your child enjoy good oral health for years to come. We believe that prevention is the best way to achieve this goal, so we provide the best possible preventive care at our office.

We want to help your child have a beautiful smile for life. Come and see what makes us different and why children love to come to us.

From your first visit, you will see that our office is designed with children in mind – from our waiting area, which has a play area and television, to our treatment rooms, which are brightly colored and cheerful. We want your child to feel comfortable and happy when they visit us.

Our team is experienced in working with children, and we will make sure they are comfortable during their visit. Please schedule an appointment today and let us help your child achieve optimal oral health. 

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